Next is ..Restaurants then Quiz

Claire cooked us up the most delicious meal , and then we just had to do it …watch Ursula’s ‘Hanky panky ‘ on youtube .They,too, had seen the last night of ‘La Soiree’ and that night she really went for it- I love her ( Bob ,thinks she has a elongated finger to conceal the red hanky , but I couldn’t see it ). So went to bed well fed and with Ursula’s cheesy music going round in my head ,then stupidly picked up The Guardian Weekend Mag and went to bed . Stuck to my same ASD order- Your Pictures, Blind Date, What I’m really thinking, Your view, What you like , Q&A….but never made it to My Experience .Samantha Morton , when asked ‘What is the closest you’ve come to death?’ replied ‘Quite a few times. I thought I could fly when I was little and went to the top of the stairs and jumped-I smashed my head open .I had a car accident when I was 12. I got double pneumonia and septicaemia a few years ago .I also had a stroke a few years ago.’ She is a very lucky ( I know I’m a hypocrite ,I’m using a word I hate /don’t understand ) lady.

But today is a positive one , we are going up to Brum to celebrate John’s Sister ,Ann’s BIG Birthday .

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  1. Yes ,I read that Rachel and it doesn’t seem equitable.Although I didn’t know Rosie ,I think of her a lot and how her death was untimely and unfair .

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