Next nday we’re getting the paddling pool out to complete our swimming training

Us finely tuned athletes , once again rose to the challenge ( despite 2 of us not feeling so chipper after too much cider at The Ealing Comedy Festival the night before). Florence was excused as she’s in Spain , but with borrowed bikes from Bob, Trevor and Winston , the 3 amigos set off on The Ealing Skyride. I soon set the pace and left the others standing . Jacob did one lap , before going off piste and heading to Richmond park for a greater challenge and less kids on bikes with stabilisers cutting you up . John did 3 laps and I managed about 5 – or , it might have been 2 ?

At one point I was riding side by side with my dentist. After polite hellos , I said ”I have a lot of pressure on my large cavity ” , to which she replied ” get a bigger saddle then ”…..

On Coldershaw road , while stopping ( again) for a piece of homemade lemon drizzle cake , at a little stall raising money for charity ,outside the house where we had our ‘Running for Rosie’ BBQ last week, I met my new bessie mate ,Kulveer Singh, Boris’s Director for Transport. Of course I questioned him about Boris’s whereabouts …at a lunch meeting . Do we believe that ?

There was a touching moment in Lammas Park- Bob was having trouble putting on his luminous tabard as the wind was blowing up. John movingly stuck his Velcro sides together and they cycled off into the sunset together?

Stu – where were you ?

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  1. I was there!what time did you do it? i did it at about 1 as i had to wait for my bro to get back from it as we were sharing bikes. yeah i saw the cakes stand on coldershaw did you see the kids that had lined up loads of packets of crisps and kit kats on there garden wall? xx

  2. We were there 11.30 to 3.30, apart from a few stops for scooby snacks. Didn’t see the kitkat wall , but see the miserable old gits house ,up my road – protesting about it . I suggested he should move to Parliament square- theres lots of room there now.

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