next time I’ll take a big torch

Today in the paper Emma Freud ( that well-known lifestyle guru and Walberswick resident ) wrote

” Every funeral involves more than 1,000 decisions that have to be made by the organiser during the worst few days of their life ”

I firmly believe that adrenalin and shock and some good friends ,got me through it .

It still seems like a ( cruel ) dream .Five bloody years on Monday

I wish she’d been there to give John and I some local environmental advice last Monday night ,when we walked from The Anchor Inn Walberswick to The Harbour Inn Southwold , in the dark ,along the towpath of the River Blythe …not realising the river had risen ,washed away the path , until we were up to our knees in sinking mud .Didn’t stop us getting to the pub ..and getting our own table ,with everyone giving us a wide birth.

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  1. It was….. what we hadn’t realised ( or couldn’t see ) was that the path was officially ‘Closed ‘ .Barriers had put put up( but they had blown down) , and temporary steps to a drier path ,were in place .
    We had just gone at it gung-ho ,and climbed over the blown down ‘no entry’ barrier !

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