Next time I’m wearing a balaclava

I thought by wearing black and tucking myself behind a table in a dark corner ,I’d go unnoticed , but alas no ! The first act on in ‘Conjuring in the Court’ ,needed a Debbie McGee to his Paul Daniels ,and last night I was that Debbie .Not only did I have to leap(?) on stage ,then hold his wrist while his hand hovered over four upturned polystyrene cups which rested on 4 separate identical coasters,onto one of which was attached a 5 inch spike, while he read my mind as to which of the cups that I had previously shuffled around hid the ‘spike of doom’ .After staring me in the eyes ,he raised his arm and then thrust it down onto one of the cups, which then collapsed .Each time he did it I nearly s*at myself .I didn’t want to be held responsible for a B List magician crucifying himself on stage. It didn’t help the tension levels as early on in the trick ,I had to ask one of my friends to rummage round in my handbag and find my glasses ( I bet Debbie never had to do that ) ,then pass them to me up on stage . He also did something with my hands , the throwing of a die and reading my mind .I do feel now I am totally under his control .So any more rubbish I write is completely down to him .

Spent today trying to get over the trauma by going to two excellent exhibitions ( probably making up for the fact that the one exhibition I should be at is Florence’s in Glasgow ).So started off at The Ben Uri Gallery ,seeing ‘Uproar’ and loving the work of an artist I had never seen before ,Stanislawa de Karlowska. Then heading off to Kings Place to see ‘LookingOut,Looking In’ , portraits (OK) and landscapes( amazing) by Lucy Jones , an artist with Cerebral Palsy.

Now I’m off to see my shrink , which is very kindly paid for by Meningitis Now.Org .To them I am very grateful.

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  1. Rachel Dwyer is the next Debbie McGee all in black! I know, ‘cos I was there. She has stage presence by the bucket load. But I want to know how he knew where the spike was – a hold your breath moment. I reckon he had a magnet up his sleeve? And the dice? A mirror somewhere?

  2. Looking back ,I think the coaster with the spike on it ,probably had a tiny weeny mark on it that he could see and he probably banks on the fact his glamorous assistant ( me ) ,is so shell-shocked at being on stage -they won’t notice .
    As for the die ,I have NO idea and I was standing right next to him .I’m pretty sure my hand was cupped over the die ,do even with a mirror ,he wouldn’t have been able to see the number on top .

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