Nine times out of ten,mines a long Island Iced Tea

Ooh Stu where do you go ? I remember Rosie and I sitting in Balans, Old Compton Street, it was early evening August 2008 .We weren’t long back from Spain and Rosie had come up to town with me as my Swatch had broken on holiday and I was taking it back. She was glowing .It took her an age to chose a cocktail , then about 3 minutes to down it ! ( then try and finish off mine )

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  1. b@1 its fun but quite cheesy the barstaff choose the music and every now and then you’ll hear a cheer as they all do a shot of something. i went to order a cocktail but before i could order the woman behind the bar shouts over me ‘val kilmer hotter in top gun or heat?’ and she wouldnt let me get my drink until i answered lol obviously trying so hard to be fun luvin! the cocktails are really good though and they do happy hour every night. my fave was a rasberry mohitto xx

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