No 3 , too much

In between a morning with Alice and an afternoon at Soupy ,I listened to Bob Mortimers’ Desert Island Discs .

I’ve just about picked myself up off the floor .

Why ? …you might ask ….

1.Talking about the sudden death of his Father , when he was just 7 .He said

”It kind of defined my personality.I think it’s just as simple as when something so precious is taken away from you, you can feel very insecure .I think they call it ‘compulsive helping’.Just to make sure people aren’t going to abandon you – you make them really rely on you.”

2. He chose the song ‘Some Fantastic Place’ .The hope being that after you are dead you might be able to meet up with your loved ones in some way

3. His final song -King of the Rodeo by Kings of Leon …….Which was the final song in Rosie’s Funeral Service

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