no ball – it has to be between knee and shoulder

A huge thank-you to Bert for changing all the photos . I find it a huge shock when I see different photos of Rosie, and then I get used to them and then ………… So if you haven’t got the new photos press your refresh button . Bert really has worked very hard on Rosie’s website and he must be the most patient , gentle, communicative man on this planet …we should all have a Brother-in-law like him.

Thank-you for all your lovely emails and texts yesterday . I know no-one can do the one thing we want in life – bring Rosie back . but sending your love and thoughts makes us feel not quite as isolated and lonely . Plus , it means you are thinking about Rosie – which we do for every second of the day. Don’t be fooled we may look absorbed, joyous, but our heads are just above water , and under the surface we are paddling like crazy. But sometimes we submerge completely , and it is very hard to bring ourselves back up.

We spent a lovely day with a fabulous group of Rosie’s friends. We picnic’d in Rosie’s woods. The Pimms was a hit , although the added flapjack, didnt do much for the texture. The ‘mint’ debarcle goes on – Was is or wasn’t it -? some people reverted back to their childhood and played ‘whats the time Mr wolf’ and 40 40 swine flu – don’t ask !

There was a huge game of rounders – Ryan hitting the shot of the match . The aerobi flier got lost , the skipping rope came out and we were surrounded with the love of Rosie .

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  1. Everytime i ‘went long’ in that game of rounders it reminded me of Rosie and how we used to chat far out in the field and then get mega stressed when we realised everyone was shouting at us to “catch iiiiiiit!” Rosie was definitely with us yesterday, i’ve never known a game of rounders, a picnic and skipping without her-she was definitely watching and laughing. Especially Ryan’s shock shot of the match!
    Love the new photos as well.
    Without wanting to cause too much debate or upset Stu it was DEFINITELY not mint!!

  2. ok ive settled the arguement i just spoke to my mum and she said it was grapefruit mint brought from syan park so definetley mint but just a more unusual cant argue with that.

  3. Ryans shot…. that made me laugh, he never ever hit it all afternoon, then suddenly even further than jacob!

  4. Saw pictures of your day on Facebook, it looked so nice with all the young ones sitting around in the grass and the not so young ones firmly seated in comfy chairs. I’m glad you spend the day surrounded by people who love Rosie.

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