* No changes there

Thanks to Claire and Bob for the recommendation . Last night Florence and I went to see the brilliant film ‘Angel’s Share’. Florence kept up with the language ( it’s set in Glasgow ) and I was always about one sentence behind *.There was one crucial bit ,where they were talking about kilts, for about ten minutes ,I thought they were talking about coats ! Go see it – it is not pompous and the story revolves around a group of young offenders doing community service , their kind-hearted supervisor and fine-whisky tasting . The ‘Angel’s Share ‘ ,is the whisky that vaporises from the barrels. We both came out of the cinema feeling better than went we went in ( esp as fist we went to the wrong cinema and would have been subjected to 2 hours of Spiderman ), still full of snot , but happier in our heads.

Then came home to watch the amazing, funny , brilliantly acted, laugh-out-loud,last of the series…’Episodes’- until ‘Coach Trip’ comes back , the best thing on TV.

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  1. It’s on in the NZ film festival starting next week – and I’m going; taking a Glaswegian with me to translate!

  2. You’ll love it .Thank God its all pretty visual , I guess its snippets of the quick humour I missed

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