No hyenas were harmed in the thrusting of the basher , it was more a like a touristy holiday momento, which stayed with us the whole trip

Proddy Son is home from Amsterdam, so with two Americans staying, we have a house full and I love a house full.

Thanks Darren for the lovely photos.

I think the painted face was part of an art project .
The second one was in 2004 on a Virgin flight from Dar es Salaam to Heathrow. We were all high as kites having been on on the-best-ever-holiday…a Dragoman Safari , camping in Kenya and Tanzania . Now I think back ,we were riotous. Tim never let go of his hat, and Jacob, his hyena basher ( different times). How the rest of the fliers must have loved us ??

The 3rd was taken on a picnic in Richmond park.It is funny how one phtograph can transport you right back to that moment .I remember Jane had bought Rosie those flowery trousers and she just loved them

On a very different note, if you are interested . I am voting ‘In’.

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