No one wanted to sing ‘The hills are alive ‘

The Stewart family are my new best friends – they have cast 2 votes at the exhibition- just get Ian , Ruth and Little Mart along and I can arrange for us to be related.

I think I’ve asked this question before , but did you see the documentary ‘Sing for the brain ‘ , all about how good singing is for people with dementia ?. Well. Claire , Bob , John and I can officially confirm it is true.Last night , with Coldershaw Road’s answer to Bobby Crush ( without the pageboy hairdo ) tinkling on the ivories, we belted out a few classics- including – Even Now-Barry Manilow, Lionel Ritchie’s- the dementia has returned as i can’t remember the name of the song ( a classic ), Billy Joel- Piano man and finnishing off( literally ) Burt Bacharach’s – this guys in love with you. We were only interupted by Ealing’s environmental health’s noise abatement team , a couple of times.

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