No Pimms

Grandmama, Jacob, Florence and I hit the cafe at Dulwich Picture gallery today ( yes , they let us back in ). Old Walter Sickhert is still showing , but Jacob and I had been arted up with Melinder Messenger and Harvey Wallbanger ( or 2 names similar to these ) , at the Hayward , yesterday. But after lunch we did venture into the gallery seeing a couple of Rembrants and Gainsboroughs, en route to the shop, of course.

The good news was the cafe had its new summer menu , the bad news there was NO Pimms. Grandma so wanted to toast Rosie as she loved it there and always had the Pimms – and ate all the olives.

We ate like kings – mezze, warm salads , chips , puds , vino , coffee etc. Grandmama announced it was her treat , an Easter gift ( sod the eggs ). The bill came , we all played ‘ the lets guess how much the bill is game’. Grandmama guessed £30. I bet she wished she’d bought us eggs !

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