No sat nav then – just The AA road map of Europe

Thank you Darren for the beautiful background colour and the wonderful photos – isn’t the last one sad ?
Funnily enough , looking at those photos is like reading my old diaries- it takes me back to a specific place and time . All I remember about that photo is Rosie’s flowery dress and our flowery wall paper . I don’t remember the occasion .I really really hope she didn’t stay sad for long .
The windbreak photo was taken on a beach in Brittany and weirdly I’ve been thinking of those Keycamp holidays we used to do . The reason those holidays are in my head is because we’re packing up the car to go to Friesland to walk on the Wadden Sea . Don’t ask questions , google it and you’ll see the adventure Jacob and Florence gave me for Christmas..
Anyway ,I digress, back to the car , it used to be rammed . We were all wedged in with stuff . Every year we cranked it up a gear , and for the last 3 trips , we drove to Spain . We’d Eurotunnel it around 7pm and then John and I would take it in turns to drive ,while the kids slept .it is the only time in my life I’ve drunk red Bulls and circled Lyon 3 times as I didn’t want to wake John up ! We’d be in Pals in time for breakfast
I could write more ,but it makes me too sad to think about it and too fearful that maybe everyone didn’t enjoy it as much as me .

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