No sign of Stanley,although John did get a few admiring glances when he jumped in the pool wearing his cycling shorts.

The digestion of the scrabble dictionary did not pay off. Didn’t win a game of scrabble …draughts or even doms.John and I have just got back from a fabulous week in La Croix Valmer where we stayed with our lovely ,kind ,funny and gastronomique friends, Declan and Neal and Dottie their dog. We did loads of stuff, swam everyday, John cycled up mountains ( I didn’t ), we had drinks with Joan Collins and Percy – well actually they were in the same little bar as us in Gassin .They were having a quickie while they waited for their takeaway, we were having a drink after Dec had taken us to see the best view over St Tropez. The woman at the next table asked why we were staring at them- not so cool.We had dinner overlooking the sea, high up in a mediaeval village and in the back streets of St Tropez .John read his cycling manual and I read a book for the first time in 8months.When we weren’t walking, talking,gawping at big boats and people that had had face jobs ,relaxing,eating,drinking ,snoozing ,reading in the sun, I familiarised myself with an Ipad ( not to be confused with a Tena lady ).

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  1. Just checking over some of those dodgy Scrabble entries…….and no ZOXYPIQUE is NOT a word……neither in French nor English! Bumped into John’s mates Joan and Percy….she said if you are going to write about her can you get the facts right….we met up in Ramatuelle not Gassin, she has never eaten a ” takeaway” in her life, she did not have sex in public and no she has not had ” work done” as was suggested from our table! She is consulting her lawyers as I write. Some repetition here from the email, I now realise you cannot contribute from the mobile option on the blog.
    Dottie is still wandering into your room looking for her favourite ball throwing pals.I am still wiping the dirty ball marks off the walls. We did really miss you after you left. As I said, we love you both very much and are amazed by your drive and how you seize the day. I am sure Rosie would be very happy to see that. All our love and belated happy birthday to Florence. xxx

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