Norbury Park doesn’t even have a toilet, pond or boating lake.

Have you seen ‘lets move to’ in Saturday’s Guardian magazine? Norbury ( where I was brought up ) ,is apparently the new Streatham .I think thats doing it a great service…it’s more like the new Scunthorpe ( try typing that on your works PC ) but without the fish or sea or countryside ).

About six miles north of Norbury stands The Isis. Our latest photo of visitors to Rosie’s plaque is of Jane,Roy and their Australian friends,Anna and Jack. The 4 of them are now saving our screen . A couple of months ago on this website,Bert put on a photo of Rosie me .I have my arm around her , she is wearing shorts and a green top and pulling a funny face. Well that was taken at Strwberry Fields,Central Park NYC,in August 2007 and we were standing right next to a plaque for John Lennon. All seems a bit surreal really.Thank God you don’t know what the future holds.

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