** NOT a patch on John and Bobs

Yesterday ,at Uplands I experienced a trichotomy of sounds. First it was Louis in the room opposite ,playing Mozart’s Serenade No 13 in G major ( I asked him , I wasn’t playing ‘name that tune’ with Grandma ). Then it was The St Patrick’s Day Party with -singing live…..’Chiros’ -who I don’t think had never been to Ireland ,and was in fact from Athens . But he belted out a good Wild Rover**, Fields of Athenry, Is this the way to Amarillo and got us all up dancing to ‘Zorba’- sliding neatly east from Ireland towards Greece.Then Alouiscious kindly gave me a lift to Brixton , and I was introduced to the sound of Yami Bolo, belted out of 6 speakers.

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  1. Do you remember Bob getting annoyed because I kept calling it ‘Red Rover’…. by the way,’Chiros’ means ‘pig’ in Greek…. Sounds like fun though!!! xxxx

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