Not a tent in sight

Amy GB – that made me laugh out loud , he might be Jordans stylist – but did he have style ?

I’m all cultured out .Thanks to some lovely friends I’ve had some very positive distraction therapy.Last night Sarah and Richard took us to see ‘The 39 steps’ . It was fantastic , a real hoot and so cleverly done- 3men and 1 woman improvise all the parts. Then we dined out at Veeraswamys, having been there for 74years ,it is said to be the oldest surviving Indian restaurant in the UK – the food was amazing , esp my garlicy,coriandery,gingery king prawns, wahed down with a couple of cold cobras , can’t think of a better way to start a BH weekend.

Then today Flo and I went did the Van Gogh exhibition at the RA – beautiful stuff , Flo liked his portraits , I liked his bright swirly landscapes.But sadly not a happy chappy.

Had a txt from Jboy today- he’s swimming hard and should reach america by Wednesday – joke. he’s having a fab time ,eating really well and last night he had the halibut at the opub , which was amazing. This afternoon ,he said the sun was out and they might go swimming ….AGAIN- are they crazy ?

Izzy – heard you were drinking Efes- where , who with, are you back in Istanbul , has Nikki gone with you ??

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