Not at all

I would never have recognised him .He was amazing .. menacing and pure evil ,and by God he can belt out a tune,not even a show one ,but a Stephen Sondheim jerky one (and I’m not talking about Jacob entertaining Grandma after lunch.) but Michael Ball. Imelda was fabulous too , previously I’ve seen in her as Dorothy in The wizard of Oz and in Guys and dolls, but in this production of Sweeney Todd ,she shone. Go , treat yourselves, it is a brilliant show. I hate to be thick, but is it based on a true story?

We’re getting up close at Conjuring at the Court tonight, but not so close we’re invited up on stage ….as it could get messy.

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  1. I know Imelda.Well….I don’t actually know her but we went to the same school.She was the year above me.I was out on the netball courts with my beer bottle glasses,runny nose and thin white/blue legs and she was prancing round on the school stage and then being whisked off to RADA.When I went to University she came to the local theatre and I saw her in some DADA play,dancing on a table.I like to think that she has followed my career as well,did she ask after me?….

  2. Jim Carter I think–Mr Carson in Downton Abbey.He probably goes on about Lady Mary morning,noon and night….
    PS Another friend sent one of my cards to a member of the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi. I’m expecting that order for 4 million any day now.

  3. Lorna, be careful , you don’t want to be accused of cardadultery…you know what they do to creative women out there

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