Not bad for an Essex girl

It may be St Isabel of France’s day – but what did she do for humanity – except keep her virginity and found the Franciscan Monastery of the Humility , and we all know ,anyone can do that ( except maybe the first bit ) ,

But for me it is St Oswald’s Joan of Norbury day .

As I said at Ma’s funeral , she certainly was no dam saint ( anyone who choses the theme tune from Van de Valk ,for their final send-off , has to be a bit dubious ) , but what she did for Jane was truly amazing .

When Jane first lost her mobility , 53 St Oswald’s had no hoists, lift , electric wheelchair , car-lift, ramps , independent living scheme volunteers etc etc …..Mother was all of things- she lifted, she hoisted , she drove ( albeit very badly ) , she got up in the night , she waited up , she did it all and do you know what – I never heard her moan . She moaned about other stuff – a maggot in the Vesta Curry , Geoffrey’s attachment to the laundrette , me using a Stanley knife on her her new teak table , etc etc . But never about what she had to do for Jane .

I said good-bye to her 4 years ago today , and I miss her and I love her so very very much …but do not get me wrong , 90 was a good age to go , 19 is not .

…for tonights’ guests, the boiler is fixed !

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