Not Eminounou either

Helenka, Thats fab, that means there’s 7 of us doing it , you , me ,Izzy ,Joe, Sally( if she’s in the country) ,Mary M and Sam. Perhaps we could do it in relay formation ( I bet if we promised Georgina she could get her hand round the baton , she’d sign up in double quick time ). No ,everyone please keep those names coming ,and in half term I’ll get an encouraging email out to all. Oh yes, John says ‘whats wrong with a shaved head?’.

Ian france, i haven’t seen your name on the 10K list ???

I was on the ball with my earlier heading . the 3 amigo’s arrived safely in Kadikoy ( Izzy -NOT Karikoy ! ) and were whisked off for a …kebab. Jacob’s favourite is this funny one, folded over and covered in sauce- the Turkish equivalent of a calzone pizza ? I wonder what they are doing now.

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  1. Whats that? Theres a nice big baton for me to get my hand round? I’M THERE! In all seriousness though I’d love to do the 10k again too. I think Facebook would be a good idea, i’ll ask flo if she’d like to do it or if she wants me to or anything.
    Glad to hear they arrived safely. And i compltely agree, Glee is the way to go!

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