Not forgetting her Pips

As we speak, Jacob is getting off ‘The Midnight Train to Georgia ‘ ( for those of you under 50 ,thats the title of a Gladys Knight song ). He’s gone East- first choice was Tehran , but then he met a friend from T’bilisi , and so he’s headed off there .I bet it’s cold- Izzy P. he should have borrowed your hat – the one you wore when you picked up Rosie, about this time 2 years ago , as you headed off for NYC. He would have looked the part over there.

Today is all about Rosie. We have just come back from a walk around the grounds of West Wycombe House with members of The Child Bereavement Charity. It was beautiful, there were loads there , all with one terrible thing in common. We bought a snowdrop to plant and I thought of the time Julia and I took Rosie, Florence , Edward, Bella, Katie and Fiona there…and it was closed !

Then tonight it is like a meeting of The Bauhaus movement chez 106 . Well actually Rosies friends and Florence aka les Artistes ( minus globetrotting Jacob ) are clustering and sticking ( and drinking and eating ) around our kitchen table. I guess this is how those intellectual (?), socially aware (??), arty movements start. As long as no-ones put it on offyourfacebook and we get 3,000 people- that would spoil my chance of organising a game.

Nikki- big news , the new ‘Coachtrip’ begins tomo night on Channel 4. Set that record button now !

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