Not in Emerald this time

Samosas, Scrabble ,Campari ( not sure if Bute Co-op sells it and I’m not risking another ‘Class War’ classy cock ) all packed and it’s nearly time for the off .

Wishing you all a happy Easter – although ‘Good Friday is a bit too much about death for my liking ‘, and you may have had an almighty sense of deja-vu reading that ,as I’ve said it before as it is a direct quote from a good friend of mine , who is a devout Christian and whose son tragically died when he was young . So I feel it is OK to say it .If she can ,I can ( and that goes for a lot of other stuff too . ).

In fact talking of empathetic Mrs B. she is the wise old owl who said the one thing that I truly believe and it is so simple ” Rachel , there is no logic in this world , so why look for it ”

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