Not quite Keycamps

Mary did a sneaky on me last week and turned up on the Wednesday. So after numerous phecalls to Mayday Hosp Physio dept, I persuaded her to face up to her fears and to returnto room 14 Brigstock ( only 2 months til its knocked down ) Manor today when I would be there. I don’t hold out much hope, Grandma, a high rotator and a bad dose of the shingles , doesn’t make for positive mobility outcome.

Thank goodness a friend is cooking supper for me tonight.

A record – 9 comments for ‘The Ramblers got it wrong’. Laura, the zip incident made me laugh and cry, ,I can so imagine Rosie in a situation like that – 0-50 in 3 seconds .Was the inside of your tent as neat and tidy as it was in Benicassim ???????

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  1. news from me: I’ve got a friend from new york on facebook called- Jacob Dwyer. and today he invited me to a group called:”when your hands smell like old penny’s”. Try and explain that to grandma.

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