Not quite The Nativity

Christmas Eve was quite a night

When Stu won the Cluedo with Mrs White.

Florence worked at the hob to please


with home-made fired pizzas covered with cheese .

The question of the night was’ where should we go?’… The Plough ,The Wheat-sheaf or the Barley Mow ?

All I know ,as we said good-bye at the gate ,they were all going to be very late (and quite well oiled after the amount to pink fizz and rum and gingers we got through )

Appendix 1:

Then on Christmas morn ,pre Bellini(s)

Appendix II:

We drove off in the car and ate aubergines,olives and tahini

We decided on a Kosher cafe to break our fast

Where no-one would say ‘Merry Christmas”.

Them home for a re-charge and onto The Clarkes,

where we ate drank and made merry until way after dark

The food was amazing ,the table was laden

The drinks kept acoming much so ,I can’t be arsed to keep up the rhyming .

We played The List Game , X-rated Balderdash, The Bowl Game and ate our weight in Lindors and drank our BMI in everything

and today my head hurt a little bit .

But , today after a walk to the pub and a game of scrabble

Appendix III

Jacob packed his bag and joined and joined the rabble

At Heathrow Terminal 5 en route to Dam

While Flo ,John and I , our little fam

Watched ‘Sightseers ‘ on the TV

Appendix I- John and I hit the hay at 11.30

Appendix II -They were actually ‘Red Roosters’

Appendix III – The Fox/Florence won

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  1. I don’t think Carol Ann Duffy’s got anything to worry about !
    seriously though,I loved it .esp the line
    ‘the drinks kept acoming……I cba etc’
    spat my miniature twirl out !

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