Not sure what it has to do with All Souls Night

Arthur’s Seat was too wet to sit on so instead I did a flashmob ( of one ) in front of the National Museum of Scotland , then we saw a fabulous Peter Doig exhibition at The Scottish National Gallery and then after the trauma of seeing Britain’s most pierced woman,right next door to a soggy piper ,we sought refuge in the most magnificent building that is The Scottish Portrait Gallery .There we saw the Viviane Sasson Exhibition. All good stuff .

I loved my Scottish mini-break .We’ve had lots of fried stuff ,lots of healthy stuff , walked loads .Had a tour of the Mac Building .Florence showed me the studios,library etc ,I showed her the exact seats in the lecture theatre where Holly ,Stu,Rosie and I sat nearly 5 years ago to the day .I saw the photos of Florence and her friends at Saturday nights GSA Halloween Party – my particular favourite was one of Flo’s friends who went as ‘An Intestine’ – it’s amazing what you can do with some fresh sausage-meat and a roll of cling film .I stayed in that night -didn’t want to scare the locals

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