Not the bike so much , but being on the water

As if things were’t sporty enough , I hired a bike .
What could be easier ? In The Netherlands ,EVERYONE cycles .Motorists respect cyclists .There are 2 metre wide tarmac cycle lanes . It is easy – unless you are me and take a look left at Bel’s kibbling and chips caravan , hit the kerb , don’t put your feet down and smash your head on the concrete . The only saving grace was that there were no other cyclists around. I did what all hardened cyclists do , picked up my bike , soaked up the blood , went home and never got on the dam thing again !
I fared better with the kayaking and let the others zoom round the canals in our little motor-boat , while I sat there like the figurehead . Although I do admit to being a bit nervous when going under a bridge which is only 30cm above the top of the hull .Every time someone shouted out ‘Bridge’ , J,J& F just ducked , while I found myself lying on the bottom of the boat .I guess I just didn’t want to hit my head again .
Despite the bash on the head , the dented pride and the realisation I’m crap at anything sporty , I loved it

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