Not your sock drawer Jacob?

Izzy ,thank you for thanking us. I’ve been telling everyone ( well the woman next to me on the train , when I laughed at your text ) that you spotted the cast of ‘Made in Chelsea’ ,plus Matt Cardle and Zane Lowe .But sadly on one of the rides your hat blew off ( Rosie would have laughed at that ).

Thanks also to Izzy and Holly , for helping out at The Big Charity Ace Fundraising night . I reckon your charms and meeting and greeting skills helped them to raise so much money .

Just got in from a lovely day in Tunbridge Wells visiting Theresa ,Elodie and Amelia. My flowers are gorgeous and even the lady sitting next to me on the train ,commented on the orange gerberas.Thank-you.

Today Jacob breakfasted on beer in Brussels and lunched on Amstel in Amsterdam. He has Eurostared there for The Amsterdam Film festival .He texted to say there are over 100 films playing with huge name directors.In the programme ‘Wires’ has a whole A3 page with stills and the caption ‘but there was one other place that was not photographed ‘.

Where was that Jacob?

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