NOTE: I didn’t suggest Rosie or Florence drive me over there

John and I both got in late last night after visiting our Mums in their respective hospitals .John went for the red wine and cheese and cracker ( comfort ) option whereas ,I opted for The Coach Trip( got in there first with the remote ), rum and coke and ham and mustard buttie ( quick fix ) option. Then once we’d got our heads back to a place they could sort of focus we talked …and talked. I hit the sack first leaving John the remote control and his TV indulgence ‘The Shed Channel ( honest ).

Nanny is making steady progress. She is able to talk , laugh a bit and is blessed with a flow of visitors.It is still a long haul for her .

Grandmama was in ( not at the ) theatre when I got to her ward . I was in there for three and a half hours before she came back .So I kept myself busy- found out what everyone else was in for/read their notes/adjusted their drug charts/did obs/ emptied a few bedpans/ re-tiled the shower room / divided up The Quality Street in The Nurses Station into soft and hard centres etc etc.etc etc. In other words ,I had a lot of time to think …..and something odd came to me. Three years ago on Wed 18th March around 11am I was at work and I had a text from Rosie ,saying she’d passed her driving test. I was overjoyed. Rosie wasn’t the most natural of drivers and I seriously thought she might match Grandma’s score of 7th time lucky. Two hours later , my bubble burst , when Brigstock Manor phoned to say Grandma was in a bad way .She was in agony with her shingles,and the morphine she had taken , had sent her barking mad . My earlier euphoria was put on the back boiler ,and from work I shot straight over try and calm her down …Three years and five days later , virtually the same thing happened .It was a Wednesday , I was at work ,Flo texted me at 4pm to say she’d passed her driving test,and at 6.30 ,Uplands phoned to say Grandma had broken her knee , so I shot over to Kings College to calm her down .Now is that me, or is that weird?

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  1. That is really weird, you’re right.

    I am glad to hear Nanny is making progress, I hope they are looking after her well up in Selly Oak! How is Joan?

    So pleased for Flo, it’s such a good feeling to pass your test! I remember how gutted Rosie was when she failed her first one and then how happy she was to pass! xxx

  2. That is odd. I’d almost be tempted to say that both Rosie and Florence texted Joan first and the thought of them driving stressed her out. I also firmly believe that you did read all the patients notes and adjusted their drugs and sat with all their relations.Best wishes to both Grannies.
    PS Can you bring me back some caramels when next you visit?

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