Nothing to do with phil and I being buddies (?) at art college

I don’t mean to be morbid when I ask this ,but do you ever think about what music you’d like played at your funeral ? It’s a similar question to ‘what are your desert island discs’ , but with less choice and more poignancy . Well last night I went to Cadogan Hall to see the fabulous ,amazing, uplifting, ‘Pink Singers’- Europe’s longest-running four-part, community choir made up of over 80 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people ( at the last count I ticked 3 of those boxes , it’s just a pity I can’t sing ). They sang some belters – Negro Spiritual, choral , African ,classical, and pure cheese ..including ‘You can’t stop the beat ‘ from Hairspray ( how we loved that when the five of us saw the film in NYC in 2007 – we bought the CD and belted it out all round Orange County )…..’One day More’ from Les Mis ( Jane and I loved it , she bought the CD and we belted it out , from her little Renault 5, all round Souf London )…Bob Dylan’s, but made famous by Adele,’Make you feel my Love’ ( of which everyone has the CD and everyone belts out and has a little weep ). We were particularly proud when they harmonised that last one as our friend,Chris, did the arrangement to it – hope he appreciated me coming in with the descant ,second verse from the end . Anyway ,I digress , I do have my absolute top choice which I want to be the last song ever played for me , and it is …….’Together in Electric Dreams’ by Phil Oakey and Giorgio Moroder…I just love the energy, the tune , the words , the danciness of it .But last night I heard another one I’ve just added to my list .It is ‘The Rhythm of Life’ by Sammy Davis Jr. Forget the fact it’s sung by someone high on drugs ( his part in Sweet Charity ), just listen ..and tap your foot’s a banker to get people smiling .Plus, I just love the chorus.

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  1. My song for danciness would be Human by The Killers. Find it impossible not to dance to. Not great if it comes on when I’m on the M25! Email Neal that question…..he has his all picked out! xx

  2. Rachel ,I read on Saturday ,that the actress, Sue Johnston, would like ” Do you hear the people sing?” from Les Mis , played at her funeral .
    Les Mis , a popular choice !

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