Now I’m in a big rush – so why am I typing this ?

Gone Girl -I’ve read the book and seen the film – which I think would have been better if I hadn’t have read the book – but I’d forgotten the ending anyway ,so I guess it didn’t matter

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time -I’ve read the book and am off to see the play .Good job my phone was buzzing in my pocket as my friend ballsed up and we are seeing this afternoon’s matinee and not tonight’s production. She was really apologetic ,but actually it was quite refreshing as it is normally me who ballses up- so now I don’t feel quite as mad as I did 15 minutes ago !

Mr Turner – seen his paintings -will see his film at the weekend

The time of year approaches when I have to keep busier than usual and take my head to a nice ‘safe’ place .

Stupid really isn’t it ?

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