Now I’m really nervous about the first coat

I’ve done something I’ve never done before .

Nothing grand like climbing a mountain or abseiling down The Shard , but creating a ‘mood-board ‘ ( which doesn’t consist of grumpy , not so grumpy , hyper , etc ) .

While Johnnie’s being doing the hard yards- laying tiles, fitting units, plumbing in sinks etc , I’ve been fannying around with fifty shades of blue . I now have a palette ( 49 shades ) , so off i toddle to the paint shop where you take your posh- colour chart and they mix the cheap variety. The person who served me told me her name was Etna , and she told me I’d remember it , as she erupts just ,like a volcano ! Then between our cornflower /duck egg /ultramarine discussion , she proceeded to fill me in on her medical history . There were lots of mentions of stents, kidneys , drips, pain and 3 types of sepsis . I think Etna was a bit shocked , when I just pointed at ‘that one ‘ and left the shop in tears .

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