Number patterns

Jacob and Stu , talk about creepy ( no , not you two ) but I’m writing this at 9.09 on 09.09.09. I’m a size 9 ( well if you double it and add the number you first thought of and mutiply it by the square root of Jacob’s size nine shoe size ), I have nine students in my class and Rosie’s birthday is on the 9th…plus 9 is my reading age. Is this an omen ??

Daisy is in disgrace. I was carving the left-over cold roast beef, i turned my back for a second and she jumped up on the work surface and shot off with a nice rare slice in her mouth. Watching her chew it , lying next to my pond , with my toads croaking ( there has to a joke there somewhere ), it was like a scene from ‘Planet Earth ‘ – where’s David Attenbrough and his film crew when you need them ?

PS – I didn’t write this at 9.09 ( I was doing registration ) but it made for a better story

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