Of course I am glad for him and his family he survived and went on to do great things .He is 19

‘Mind the gap’ – that’s what one of the many psychotherapists I’ve seen over the last three years and nine months ,said to me .She meant stuff that hits me out of the blue and sends me into a very difficuilt place to come back from . It happens daily , sometimes hourly and it can be a smell, a song, a word,- in fact dam well anything anything . Even though I’ve written about this before, I wasn’t prepared for the full impact,and last night I tripped, fell and sank right into the chasm . I was lying in bed reading The Sunday Times Magazines’s centre spread ‘A celebration of the London 2012 Paralympic Games ‘ ( you know how passionately I feel about them ) .Johnnie peacock ,in Armani Boxers in a David Beckham type black and white photo,adorned the cover – he looked fabulous. I went on to read ”Johnnie Peacock contracted meningococcal septicaemia aged five and lost his lower right leg….I couldn’t read anymore

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