Off to the seaside tomorrow

This week I’m going on a journey – not one of those emotional psychobabble sort of journeys- you know, the term that many therapists use , which are the same as psychobabbly questions like ‘have you moved on’ – my reply – I don’t move anywhere ,I just learn to live with any sad stuff that comes my way .

Anyway I digress ,I’m going on a works journey ,then a social journey , then a back to London journey and then a week of days out journeys .

You’ve guessed – I love a journey /experience a PB sort of way of course !

Tomo I’m heading west to Foxes Academy ,Minehead – taking a group of students on a 2 night residential work experience trip .Then it’s back to 106 for a wash,sleep, brush-up and an early start to Amsterdam where we are hooking up with all the troops and sailing down The Amstel ( actually we are not actually leaving the dock ,but staying in a houseboat – but John’s packed his sailor-suit anyway )

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  1. I hope you all managed to ‘mind the gap’ and step up on to the train at Hanwell Station. Enjoy Fox’s Academy. You’re bound to come back with a tale or two …

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