Oh no he didn’t

I know four people who work up in aeroplanes for BA , two cabin crew and two pilots .So when I get on a plane I always make a point of looking at the crews’ faces and name badges .I don’t go as far as breaking into the cockpit ,so it’s only the ones standing at the entrance I get to eyeball and yesterday I got lucky ( not in a mile-high sort of way ) ,but one of my four was the Cabin Crew Manager ..and it was Reuben .I have written about Reuben before as he is the partner of Dominic Gray and anyone who lives in Ealing and has been to a Waterman’s panto, knows Dominic .Dominic is lovely , one of the best most handsome ,warm ,funny ,beautiful ,kind,smutty performers I have ever seen .I think we took Jacob,Rosie and Florence to see him in all the pantomimes he ever wrote and performed in . .But sadly Dominic hasn’t been too well .Since having cancer of the sinuses he hasn’t been able to act and life has been pretty dam hard for him . So I told Reuben to tell him that the people of Ealing and Brentford love him and never forget what amazing pantos he put on and funnily enough ,only this Christmas we were talking about him.Reuben said he would and that it is always good to know people care.

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  1. hear hear ,our family loved him .There was always Sarah the Cook , a joke about the woman in the front row closing her legs ,but the best bit was him coming on stage after the interval as Wonderwoman ans saying ‘I know what you’re all thinking – wheres he put it ?’

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