On the game

Oh , I forgot to mention , Jacob and I disagreed with what was going on ,under the water, in the Tardis in ‘Tunnel 228 ‘ ( anyone else been yet ? ). He thought she was giving him the kiss of life – sweet .

Scarey news from 106 – Daisy went missing for 24hours and didnt come down for breakfast. She has returned , in a funny old mood . I think she’s in lurve.

Travelled into Richmond on the top of the 65 bus today – nearly gave myself a frontal lobotomy when it stopped suddenly.Well , guess who I spotted out of the top window , strolling along with a friend – Dominic Gray*. I would love to have spoken to him – he made us all laugh so much. he looked fab , tall and statuesque ” now I bet you’re wondering – where have I put it ” He was the queen of the double entendres.

I went to Richmond to take the few clothes I bought Jacob for his birthday, back . I should really have learnt a lesson and not to buy my kids clothes. The last thing i bought Rosie , was from a charity shop and for her 19th Birthday – a purple and black plastic mock-leather bomber jacket – cost at least £4. When she opened it she let out a huge PHAH, and said it was something a prostitute would wear – so if anyone wants it ……….

* Hands up who knows who Dominic Gray is

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  1. mum… what you’ve don here is combined two stories together to make it seem like all of this happened today. You may have gone to richmond today to take my clothes back, but for the last week you’ve been harping on about seeing dominic gray from the 65 bus.

  2. *hand goes flying up* watermans panto!! ah memories, until we moved onto undoubtedly the theatrical event of the social calendar, st thomas’ panto…ahem. keep up the blogs rachel, it’s really good to hear how you all are. much love xx

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