One day i will go to an observatory and see the actual one.

Why is it when I go on someone else’s computer ,I go all to pot ,miss out words and forget capitals altogether -sorry?

Well we are home from Walberswick and we had a fabulous week.The cottage was lovely ,we could see the sea from our bedroom and all the locals cycling past, from our sitting room.We did loads .I did my pre-breakfast, freeze your bits off , swim in the sea everyday ( looking rather like Victoria Wood in that sketch where she swims the channel ).We had sundowners at the beach hut , BBQ on the beach, caught crabs, had a monopoly night in the summerhouse with Caroline and Mathew, ate and drank too much, did 2 fabulous walks ,the Aldeburgh loop, which ended with fish and chips on the beach and the Dunwich loop , which became the Dunwich line ….an extended walk in the wrong direction, in the pouring rain ,ignoring Jacob who was the only one to realise which way we should have been going, which ended in a row, me in tears and us wet through to our knickers ( due to the rain , not the emotion ).

Sally , the stars were so bright , we looked up ,picked out the prettiest and most twinkly one and decided that had to be Rosie’s.

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  1. I’m sure that star of Rosie’s comes to visit us in the southern hemisphere as well – and sits over our very precious little beach house on clear winter’s nights like the one we had last weekend. <3

  2. I just read your headline. If you’re ever up for it, I’d love to do that when I’m next up your way – as well as the Isis, of course.

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