One more minute

Last night , glass of wine in hand , Scrabble victory secured , ad -break in the brilliant Cold Feet , and this comes on

John and I stopped in our tracks , froze, watched ,listened and cried . It is so moving , so powerful and so true . We are one of those people ,and yet I feel deep sadness for them . Like us ,their hearts are broken .

This is the transcript

”What would you say if you had one more minute ?”

Woman: ”Gosh that is such a hard question”

Child: ” I would tell her I still wanted her to be with me ”

Young woman : ”I’d just want to tell her that I love her ”

Mary Berry : ” I would thank him for being a brilliant son”

Woman : ”It would be nice to look at her ”

Man : ” To see her open her eyes ”

Jason Watkins : ”I’d remind her of all the wonderful things she had given us and we’ll never forget her – is what I’d say to her ”

Rio Ferdinand : ” There’s loads ”

Child: ”I would say I love you as I never had the chance to ”

Mother and child : ” It would be to tell him we are doing OK”

Mary Berry : ” CBUK gives face to face support to children, young people and families.

When a child grieves or when a child dies”

Prince William : ” Please take one more minute to support CBUK and help to build the lives of bereaved families”

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