One walk , four wrong turns and an invite to a stud-farm early evening ( intimate ) soiree.

I went walking with 2 friends in the Oxfordshire countryside yesterday . We did about 14 miles ( should have been ten but we got slightly lost on four occasions ) . It was glorious .We walked, talked ,sang, ate ,stopped for coffee / change glasses/strip-off etc . On the last leg ,we were strolling across a field when we passed a young couple sitting on a carved out bench ,eating Doritos and strawberries and sipping chilled white vino. My friend shouted out ‘ you’ve got the right idea’ to which Amy ( new bessie mate ?) replied ‘ come and join us, we are celebrating ‘ .So we did . They ( Amy and Sam ) were lovely . Amy ran a stud farm and they were celebrating her first day off in about 5 weeks ( so God knows why they asked us to join them ) . We talked and ate and they cracked open a second bottle and asked if we’d ever been on a horse .I regaled my tale of when I was about 14 and holidaying in Benidorm with my friend Elaine and she persuaded me to go on a horse-ride up the mountains. I think my horse had a few spatial awareness problems and either forgot I was on his back ( me being so light ?? ) or just didn’t notice the drooping branches of the tree ahead . At first no-one heard my screams and then Pablo turned round to see my hair caught in the branches, Dobbin trotting gaily on and me sliding off his rear -end .Once my hair had grown back, .I vowed never to get on another horse again …that is up until yesterday .Amy told us we’d be perfectly safe and if we email her she would like to give us all a tutored ride in the summer.

It is not often you get an offer like that !

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