* only people my age would get this joke

I admit it, I’m fickle. Paul , Mary ( where was Peter ?* ), John etc are history .Gareth has replaced them . Even though I think it’s a bit sad one workplace choir has to be eliminated – poor old Manchester Airport . I thought the whole point of these choirs was to raise self-esteem, a sense of togetherness, unity in the workplace etc . Not for some poor sods to feel failures that they have been voted out first ( think Johnnie ball ) . I would love Gareth to come to TCF , I think he would do us the power of good .

My money’s on Lewisham Hospital

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  1. Shame, ‘cos I loved the firemen from Manchester airport. Maybe the guy from Severn Trent who had to drop out would have made a difference. But I’m for Lewisham too – even the consultant cracked a smile …

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