or do i mean metaphors,I’m never sure ?

As I said Cathy and I had spoken about our grief, and we were both in agreement you either sink or swim and we had decided to swim .But not just to swim ..to dive ,to do synchronised , wild-water , learn new strokes ( sorry I’ve run out of stupid similes ) and in different places ..with all sorts of people .

So this weekend I’ve done just that .John and I went to see the musical ‘Urinetown’- absolutely barking mad but we loved it .

Then yesterday two friends and I drove out to The Chilterns, booked into a country pub ( think Fawlty Towers meets Acorn Antiques – we only had to wait 73 minutes for our breakfast this morning !) ,and walked and waded through the boggy countryside on the banks of the River Mishbourne , ate ,drank,talked,slept,ate more ,then walked and waded and squelched through the even boggier countryside surrounding The River Chess. We only lost the end of one walking stick and miraculously no-one fell over .

Meanwhile in the west coast of Scotland ,Florence took my analogy one step further ,and went swimming in the sea !

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