our mini break

Just woken up and realised i didnt tell you any of the stuff we did in Walberswick as I was just too sad. Well………..this time yesterday I was swimming in the sea with Shirley-Ann, Caroline,Matthew,Sarah,Kate,Carlo and Tilly the dog – it was beautiful .The light in Norfolk is amazing .We then all had coffee sitting outside S.A.’s beach hut – bliss. John and I did a wonderful walk – amazing since I’ve been going there for 22years and never done this one before – we walked across the heath To Dunwich , and then back to Walberswick across the beach – only about 6miles , but hard on the knees , walking on shingle. Yesterday we walked into Southwold, and did the usual – ferry/gallery/pier/icecream/people watched/dreamed of buying a camper van etc etc.

Over the 3 days , of course there were the usual crab sandwiches, cream teas,wasps,birdspotting and best of all people spotting. Esther Freud ( wrote Hideous Kinky and daughter of Lucien )was in the pub on Thurs night and then on Fri night ,Emma Freud and Richard Curtis , sat at the next table to us dor dinner. So I expect you’ll see John and I popping up in the next ‘Vicar of love actually who is rocking the boat in notting hill’ !

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  1. I have to come clean now and admit that I didn’t actually know where Walberswick was (or still is unless you’ve moved it).I thought it was somewhere down on the South coast and that it had something to do with Harry Redknap.The clue to my revelation was when you mentioned Norfolk.I had to reach for our not-very-welled-thumbed Readers Digest Drivers Atlas of the British Isles and I now know where you mean.I don’t get out very much…

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