Over the hill – but fortunately not the cliff

Ten days later …..and I can now officially tick the ‘concession’ box .

The wonderful NHS have informed me that my bowel cancer testing kit is on it’s way . TFL have sent me my Oyster Card and I’m booking into the opticians ,just because I can .

Thank you to everyone who sent me cards , flowers ,gifts and love . You probably realise i find birthdays tricky , especially when I look back to ten years ago and how happy we were and how we took life and health and all things celebratory for granted .

I love my home ,but I knew I couldn’t wake up in 106 . I had to be away and John ,Jacob and Florence had to be there -I couldn’t feel joy without them . So we all rendezvoused in Crail , a beautiful fishing village in The East Neuk of Fife .Jacob jetted into Edinburgh from Dam, we flew up from London and Florence and Simon motored over form Glasgow …two days later Henry got the bus from Dundee . It was quite a little party .

True to Dwyer form , we did the usual – ate and drank too much , cooked , explored , watched Ireland beat England , played games, lit the fire , cosied up , played games , had fish and chips …… but probably the most memorable factor was THE WIND ( and that had nothing to do with the hashnaganzi breakfasts ) …Walking The Fife Coastal path in 34mph is no mean feet .Every visible orrifice streams , we were battered , wet and our cheeks were bright red but it was bloody fantastic .

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  1. Well, it’s official then- I can no longer donate blood or bone marrow but can get into some places cheaper. I thought about you as I remembered our 21sts .I also had my lovely family around me- as well as the beast from the east!! It sounds like you are falling in love with Scotland- as we did – until the navy moved chris and katy to Andover- quite a change.

  2. Thanks for your card Andrea and I keep thinking ‘how did this happen?’ ,I don’t feel old .
    Yes ,I LOVE Scotland – and this part was so different to The Western Isles , quite flat , lots of sky and little fishing villages – plus , the best bread I have ever had in my life

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