Page 38 of Friday’s Evening Standard .. The 10 hottest tickets in town No.3 – Calling cool cats prom 35 :The Story of Swing We were there !!!

A huge big fat thank you to our dear friends ,Jane and Roy……. the real ones , not to be confused with the couple on the camp-site who had a lookie-likey camper-van, that John and I secretly drooled over ( think electric awning and enough space inside that there was no need for a safari tent ) .

Anyway ,back to J&R .

Last night we were part of a group of 20 lovely people who were out to celebrate Jane’s 70th .It was amazing . We were all treated to a huge big dins and drinkies and then went onto the Royal Albert Hall to see Prom 35 ,The Story Of Swing .

John and I are Proms virgins and this just blew us away . The atmosphere was fantastic and the performers , amazing .It was so happy .Two bands ,full of banter and humour and as for the music – out of this world .

So thank you to Jane and Roy not only for last night , but also for 25years of friendship and kindness and love and for all the support and empathy you have given us , especially in the last 6 years and 8 months . You are very special people .

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