Pancake Day

We have hit the £3,000 mark with Rosie’s charity – thank-you. We have now upped the figure to £6,000 and so we will pay for a teacher for 2 years. So keep on clicking / running / selling all your family heirlooms on ebay etc etc !

Thinking about Rosie extra extra today as she had a nasty accident about 7 yers ago on Shrove Tuesday – ALL my fault I hasten to add. We were in the kitchen and about to toss our pancakes. There was too much fat in Rosie’s pan and when she tossed her pancake the fat splashed all up her arm – she spent the whole night with her arm in a bucket of water . the district nurse had to re-dress Rosie’s arm fr 9days and it healed up completely – there was never a mark. She had lovely arms and hands.

Sarah , Kristian, Thor, Frigg and Gro are still here – they are lovely. they’ve gone to see Olamor today – Great grandmama in Danish ( with made up spelling ). Good luck !

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  1. I mentioned the shrove tuesday incident on the message board! And im mainly commenting to say i love your use of Danish there, you’re practically fluent!

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