Paragraph 2 – if you didn’t watch it you won’t know what I am talking about

I might have come home with a stiff ankle and wet pants ( and trousers and socks and trainers etc ) ,but it was worth it .I met up with five friends at RHS Wisley and we went walking – it was stunningly beautiful .We tried to ignore the rain .We had tactics in the form of morning coffee, lunch and then afternoon tea /the shop/ carrying some old dear up 2 flights of steps in her wheelchair as her 87 year old companion was so fed up and couldn’t face the long route round / the toilets/the gazebos /the nesting boxes etc .

Once home and to warm up I put on my ‘Groove Train ,80’s dance workout video’, sat on my space hopper and followed Azhars moves .John ,so inspired , went the whole hog and joined me after changing into his tiny red satin shorts and matching sweatband …..did you watch The Apprentice last night – hysterical ,how they all kept straight faces when that video was shown , I’ll never know

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  1. Did they only have two hoopla hoops between five of them? He actually said something about the hoop whilst doing the moves but he didn’t have a hoop. Hilarious… it was when the the guy (who was thrown off )did his demo move….incorrectly…..during the presenttion. One of my ex classes of 7 year olds could have come up with something better….your class probably could too! Funniest episode yet!

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