Perhaps Jacob and John could sign up too

We might be 400 miles apart ,but on a Tuesday night ,we are all at it . Pottery has resumed and Florence has joined the throwing,squeezing, glazing brigade albeit in Glasgow – I bet hers pots are better than mine ( not difficult ) . Even Jack Whitehall was at it last night .

Talking of TV which I do cos it is such a great form of escapism , did anyone see ‘The Midwives ‘ last week ? It is not as cheesy as ‘One Born Every Minute’ , and last weeks had me all of a dither .It featured a pregnant woman who had Achondroplasia , the staff at St Mary’s Manchester would not be able to detect if the baby had the same bone growth disorder , until the final scan . The final scan was filmed and yes the baby girl did have the same genetic condition .The maternal grandmother of the baby was interviewed , she said she did not realise that her baby had Achondroplasia until she was around 6 months old .My mum didn’t realise Jane had it ,until she was about a year old .I don’t know why ,but it made me feel very sad for all of them all cos at times it made life so dam difficult.

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  1. It’s funny you should say that , because jane really was a beautiful baby and then child .Everyone recognised that .She had such dark eyes and olive skin and was so pretty – when i see photos of her ,she quite takes my breath away

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