Peshwari Naan too

Stu- its called Raki. I’m popping into Hanwell’s answer to Calais’s Intermarche -‘The Nest’ tomo.So hopefully I should be able to get some there. We also have the delights of the homemade wine Jacob carried all the way back from Georgia. if the smell is anything to go by , we’ll be using it to strip the paint of a couple of old canvases !

Jacob is standing over me as I type , he’s obviously been away from civilisation ( ie a signal ) for too long, cos he says hes going to get faced tonight ( his words – the truth is he’s snugged up watching Extras with a mug of tea and his Bob The Builder Easter Egg )and send lots of prank txts. So , if you’ve any sense turn your phones off before you go to bed.

I had something ,I haven’t had for about 8 years , but used to have loads of when I first met John – a lamb and spinach Balti , in Brum – deliciminioio

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