Yes Sally I agree , the black and white home page photo is beautiful . Rosie is so full of life and energy and joy . I’m not sure who took it and where it is .It could be at The Clarkes- the plantation shutters look familiar ,but I’m not sure about everything else in the room .
After Rosie died , ( apologies in I have mentioned this before ) her friends brought round hundreds of their photos that they had printed especially for us – eight years,one month and five days later and I still haven’t looked at them . That is how heart-broken I am . John has a lot in files on his PC and there are photos on this website and each month Darren chooses 3. So I never know which stage of Rosie’s life I am going to see . It is lovely , hard , but lovely . And weirdly I love the fact that someone who has never met her in the flesh ,yet has come to know her through this website , chooses the photos we all see .

The second one was at Reus Airport and the third was in the winter somewhere . I can tell by the coat she is wearing and her rosy but cold cheeks . She had lovely full, pink, cheeks . And what a smile – so lovely I could eat her .

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  1. And, along with that smile, those beautiful, brightly sparkling eyes, which are in every single photo that I’ve seen on this site.

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