Pigeon Post

Timing was never one of my strengths . With mountain of mail at most sorting offices and a another postal strike imminent, I thought today was a good time ( not ) to send out the first batch if invitations to Rosie’s exhibition.They look fab , the front is one of Rosie’s sketches and the back is all Florence’s work. In a couple of weeks I will put plan B into action -the reliable email invitation . Not nearly as nice as having a lovely piece of art plop on your mat ( probably when the exhibition is over ), but it ensures everyone knows about it. So if you are not in my address book and i haven’t txted you for your address , please email me with it racheljdwyer@aol.com and I’ll make sure one wends its merry way to you.

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  1. I’ve already received mine! It looks amazing, well done to whoever designed it..! I can’t wait for the exhibition, but at the same time I’m dreading it in a strange kind of way x x

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