Please let there be good news

The last Zumba dance is a slow harmonious wind-down and it’s the only time I can let myself think .So I always I have someone or something I want to think about , and in my own little way either allow myself some peace or ,if it is a person ,send them some love and strength .Tonight I was about to think about Merci ,as it is her son Marc’s inquest tomorrow and she is dreading it , when our Zumba teacher stopped the class and with deep sadness ,told us one of our members ,Rosalind, wasn’t there tonight and wasn’t there last week as her daughter 14 year old daughter ,Alice, has been missing since the 28th August .

I’m sure ,all local people know about her and are looking out for her .There is an amazing campaign , a find Alice Gross Facebook Page and photos in all the local shops and on the trees etc.

So ,between my tears ( which looked like sweat dripping onto the floor ) ,I sent love and hope and strength and peace to Marc, Merci, Alice and Rosalind

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